swamEnarayan-Mail (edition 101)


    April 05, 2002
    Friday Meeting

    Hanuman is a very important figure that appears in the Ramayan. He is in the form of a monkey and is symbolic of perfect service and support of God's devotees. During Rama Bhagwan's time, Hanuman served him with complete devotion. Hanuman was present on the flag of Krishna Bhagwan's chariot during the Mahabharat. He again appeared during Swaminarayan Bhagwan's manifestation. When Swaminarayan Bhagwan (named Ghanshyam as a child) was just six days old, He was kidnapped by a group of demonesses who were summoned by Kalidatta. They are called krutyaas, and they were headed by a fierce demoness called Kotra.

    During Krishna Bhagwan's time, Kalidatta was the demon Kalyavan. Given in Bhagavat 10/50-52, due to attacks from Jarasandh, the king of Maghda, and the great demon Kalyavan, Krishna Bhagwan created Dwarka and transported all the capital's subjects from Mathura. (Also referenced by Swaminarayan Bhagwan in Vachanamrut Gadhada Middle 10.) When Kalyavan saw Krishna Bhagwan unarmed, he ran after Krishna Bhagwan to battle with him. Krishna Bhagwan however fled into a mountain cave. In the cave, a king named Muchukand was sleeping. Muchukand had earlier pleased Indradev, the king of the demigods, by leading a great victory in a battle against the demons. When Indradev told the king to ask for a boon, Muchukand replied that he desired liberation. Indradev explained that liberation could only be given by Krishna Bhagwan. Muchukand was exhausted from his penance and thus asked that he be given a place to rest, and be awakened during the time when God is on earth, when he would find the liberation he sought. When Krishna Bhagwan entered Muchukand's cave, he put his peetaambara (yellow shawl) and ornaments on the sleeping king. When Kalyavan came into the cave, he thought Krishna Bhagwan was lying there, and thus proceeded to kick the sleeping king. When Muchukand arose, he looked at Kalyavan who was immediately burnt to ashes. Because Kalyavan had not died at the hands of Krishna Bhagwan, he was not liberated, and again took birth as Kalidatta during the time of Swaminarayan Bhagwan.

    As one of the krutyaas carried Ghanshyam Maharaj into the forest, she was surprised to see the young boy laughing instead of being afraid. Ghanshyam Maharaj then created so much energy from His body, that she was forced to release Him. By this time, Ghanshyam Maharaj's parents had found out that their newborn son was missing and had begun to pray. A temple dedicated to Hanuman was nearby and hearing the vibrations of prayer, Hanuman immediately came to Bhaktimata and Dharmadev's service. Prior to Ghanshyam Maharaj's birth, Bhaktimata and Dharmadev had experienced much harassment from demons. Dharmadev would invoke the Hanuman stotra, a special prayer to Hanuman.

    When Hanuman arrived, he saw that the rest of the krutyaas had begun dancing around Ghanshyam Maharaj to kill him. However, they were unable to penetrate the strong shield surrounding Him. When the powerful Hanuman revealed himself to rescue Ghanshyam Maharaj, all the demons fled. At that time, Hanuman was about to capture the demons, but simultaneously he did not want to miss the opportunity to see God in His baby form. Thus, Hanuman continued to face Ghanshyam Maharaj while extending his tail to round up all the demons. As Hanuman knelt several times in front of Ghanshyam Maharaj, the demons caught in his tail would be raised and pounded against the floor. Ghanshyam Maharaj then told Hanuman to release the demons. Swaminarayan Bhagwan wanted to display a new roadway where instead of killing demons, their root negativity was vanquished. Instead of using weapons, He would use the rosary and transform demons into devotees. Hanuman did as told and before returning Ghanshyam Maharaj to Bhaktimata, he offered his deep prayers as he enjoyed having the chance to serve God.