Summer 2003

June 6: Great America

June 7: Bhajan Sandhya

June 14: Kakaji's 85th Birthday and Annakut at Waukegan Mandir

June 21: Youth Trip to Starved Rock in Central Illinois

June 27: Dinkar Uncle's sisters at Friday Sabha

July 18 to 20: SSSCC
Coplay, PA

SSSCC - Moortis

SSSCC - Tent

SSSCC - Yagna
SSSSCC - Yagna

SSSCC- Procession

SSSCC - Drama 1

SSSCC - Drama 2

SSSCC - Praan Pratishthaa

SSSCC - Aswinbhai and Shantibhai

SSSCC - Himmat Swami and Ashwinbhai

SSSCC - Aarti

SSSCC - Aarti

SSSCC - Swamiji, Saheb, Dinkar Uncle

SSSCC - Sabha

July 25 to 27: Dharma Conference
in Edison, NJ

July 24 to 27: Columbus, OH

HSTCC - Moorti Pratishthaa

HSTCC - Aarti

HSTCC - Cultural Program

HSTCC - Ambrish Dikshaa

HSTCC - Hariprasad Swamiji and Dinkar Uncle

August 1: Surendrabhai and the Metropolitan Asian Family Services staff at the Niles branch opening

August 1: Vignyan Swamiji and Bhaktavatsal Swamiji at Friday Sabha

July 30 to August 3: Hariprasad Swamiji graces Chicago

August 3: Blessings of Acharya Tejendraprasadji Maharaj while he graced Chicago

August 9: St. Louis

August 12: Dinkar Uncle, Bapu, and Bharatbhai tie raakhis on devotees

August 18: Bharatbhai and Ashwinbhai leave for India via London

August 20: Janmashthami

August 29: Guruji and Bapuji join Friday Sabha

August 30 to September 1: Labor Day Weekend Shibir

Shibir - Girishbhai innaugurates the shibir

Shibir - First session at the MAFS center

Shibir - Lunch at the MAFS center

Shibir - Dinkar Uncle, Guruji, and devotees call Papaji for blessings on his birthday

Shibir - Guruji's birthday is celebrated

Shibir - Bapuji makes dosa for all the devotees

Shibir - Discussion sessions