Dinkar Uncle's 63rd Pragatyadin Celebration
on Saturday, September 29, 2007 in Wilmette, Illinois

Mahendralal, Rohitbhai, Virendrabhai, Vashi Uncle, Dinkar Uncle, Bapu, RD Kaka, Vishnubhai, and Narendrabhai

Birthday Card from Powai Devotees

Girishbhai and Ghanshyambhai present a mughat on behalf of Powai Devotees

Vashi Uncle's Blessings

Dinkar Uncle's Blessings

Darshanbhai and Amitbhai sing Bhajans

Heena offers a traditional prayer

The Narrator introduces Drama 1 on Yogi Bapa's Nirdoshbuddhi

Drama 1: A devotee who got an autograph from Yogi Bapa is frustrated that someone showed ill-will towards Yogi Bapa

Drama 1: Another devotee is angered that Yogi Bapa is negatively portrayed in the newspaper

Drama 1: Yogi Bapa however is happy that "we now have a chance to improve"

Drama 1: Despite the insistence of his father, a devotee does not admit to committing theft to the police officer

Drama 1: Yogi Bapa calls him a mukta and offers him prasad; because of Yogi Bapa's love, the devotee reveals everything

Drama 1: A child shows Yogi Bapa his new toy watch; Yogi Bapa explains to his father that even a toy watch shows the correct time twice a day

Drama 1: Yogi Bapa's sevak explains to a devotee the large number of letters that Yogi Bapa receives everyday and how he insists on replying to each and every letter immediately

Drama 1: Yogi Bapa greets the postman as "tapaali saheb" and blesses him for bringing devotees' letters

Drama 1: Yogi Bapa's sevak removes letters from a devotee that would send several copies of the same letter

Drama 1: Yogi Bapa insists on carefully reading every single letter; he touches the letters on his head expressing his divine feelings toward every devotee

Drama 2: Muktanand Swami and Brahmanand Swami sing the praises of Lord Swaminarayan

Drama 2: A Bawo contemplates catching Muktanand Swami and Brahmanand Swami and cutting off their noses and ears

Drama 2: The Bawo sharpens his sword after having captured the saints; Muktanand Swami and Brahmanand Swami start chanting SwamiNarayan

Drama 2: The Mukhya orders the Bawo to release the saints and drives him away

Drama 2: The Mukhya praises the saints for remembering God in spite of difficult times

Drama 2: The Narrator explains the theme of the drama, "In times of difficulty, pray to God but do not think of anything else"

Drama 3: Dhansukhbhai's son, Parthiv, speaks negatively of his teacher, coach, and friend

Drama 3: Dhansukhbhai expresses frustration at his son's negative attitude

Drama 3: After listening to his problems, Anandbhai asks Dhansukhbhai to send Parthiv to his Fruits Shop

Drama 3: Anandbhai's Fruits Shop

Drama 3: A fun-loving sardar visits the Fruits Shop

Drama 3: Parthiv picks out all the good fruits, and does not complain about the bad ones

Drama 3: Dhansukhbhai reveals that Anandbhai had actually called both of them to his shop to give an important lesson

Drama 3: Anandbhai explains that similar to how Parthiv picked all the good fruits, in life, "Do not see negative in anyone and look after your own liberation"

Drama 3: The sardar is happy to listen in on the lesson and asks Anandbhai to introduce him to Dinkar Uncle as well

Cake Cutting

Theme of Celebration: Yogi Bapa's Gunaateeta Gnyaana Nu Navaneeta