Dinkar Uncle's 62nd Birthday Celebration

At the Fairview School in Skokie, IL

Bapu and Dinkar Uncle

Dinkar Uncle

Vipulbhai (President of Skokie Indian Association)

Rajesh (Powai) garlands Ashwinbhai (London)

Kusumben garlands Diwaliba








Rachnaben and Rinnyben

The sisters sing an inspiring bhajan

Mahendralal gifts the participants

Cake Ceremony

Swamiji's Blessings

Drama: Devotees welcome Yogi Bapa

Yogi Bapa comes to Ramnikbhai's home

Yogi Bapa gives the story of Bharatji from the 5th skand of the Shrimad Bhagavat

Bharatji leaves his kingdom and royal lineage to devote to God

But becomes attached to a baby deer

On his death bed, Bharatji's focus remains on the deer instead of God

Ramnikbhai asks Yogi Bapa how he is to attain God if it was so difficult for even Bharatji

Yogi Bapa explains the glory of the saint by giving the story of Raghu who found a diamond and placed it on his favorite goat's neck

Lakho buys the goat from Raghu with the intention of acquiring the diamond

Raghu believes he has earned much money, not understanding the true value of the diamond

Lakho takes the diamond and lets the goat free

Lakho in turn sells the diamond to Gulabchand

Maneklal visits Gulabchand's jewelry shop

Gulabchand sells the diamond to Maneklal

The diamond continues to exchange hands until Anil finally sells the diamond to Rohit

A worker warns Hiralal that his son wrongly gave away most of his wealth for a single diamond

Another worker expresses the same concern

Hiralal explains to Rohit the glory of the diamond

Hiralal and his son await the evening of the full moon

The full moon night reveals the true value of the diamond

Yogi Bapa asks a saint to similarly sing the true value of the saint as given in Bhaktachintamani

Dinkar Uncle and Bapu bless the drama participants

Bapu recaps the essence of the story given in Swami Ni Vato 3/61 and thanks everyone for being a part of the celebration